How-to-tie Simple and Useful Knots

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Knots, are very important during outdoor activities such as climbing or when you're in a critical survival situation. It does involve some technical knowledge and skill yet not many people knows it and easily being ignored until they need to use it. Many times, in order to tie a secure knot, people tend to end up in bulky knots just to "ensure" they are "tight" yet they are not adjustable, not flexible, hard to untie and not being efficient.

Learning how-to-tie a few knots will allow you to go a long way in the outdoor journey, it is also useful in some ways in your daily life.

The video below shows you how-to-tie some very simple yet useful knots. Of course, when it comes to tie a knot, a good quality rope is not to be ignored to build strong foundations during outdoor activities and to have the best outdoor adventure experience.

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