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Welcome Kakis, to our first blog post.

Ever shove off an idea of going outdoor quickly? Whether it is camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, etc., we always got excited of the idea only to realise that it is too much troublesome, leceh, mahfan, right? The hot weather, bugs, sleeping in an uncertain environment and most importantly, the packing! Argh! What are the tools should we bring? What kind of shoes should we wear? etc.

Keep calm, KakiOutdoor understands your needs and we are here to provide you and ourselves (we love going on an outdoor adventure too!), fellow outdoor kakis with some cool stuffs and you will soon find all the reasons to love us: 

1. Reliable Gears

100% authentic European and USA imported brands carefully picked by our team.

When you are out in the nature, a really reliable gear is very important in providing you support so that you get to enjoy the nature under a cool tent, comfortable sleep and a cup of hot coffee in the morning. Or you can start to regret having made purchase of the poor quality carabiner, which has broken while tightening the rope.

 Even selecting a right outdoor bag is important, Ortlieb have both water proof and fashion.

2. Excellent Service

KakiOutdoor also offers 30 days money back guarantee. We don't want you to buy something you don't need. We want to sell #satifiscation. If you don't like the colour, or you have received a same sleeping bag as Christmas gift, feel free to return to us. But firstly, kindly refer to our Return Policy.

If you need any advise on the gears you should choose, kindly drop us an email to info@kakioutdoor.com or drop a message on our Facebook Page/Message, our master Kaki will kindly advise you on the suitable products.

3. Frictionless Shopping Experience

At KakiOutdoor, our team spent tremendous efforts to minimize and reduces many barriers on online shopping to ensure our kakis have the best experience and enjoy browsing and shopping at KakiOutdoor.com. Our growing range of products also means you can shop all your outdoor essentials at one stop. 

Happy Exploring & Discovering the right gears for your next Dream adventure at #kakioutdoor!


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