Doing the "Water Gallon Challenge" in a Much Cooler Way

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Recently, there is a post about this guy who did the "Water Gallon Challenge" circulated on Facebook that caught my attention.

The "water gallon challenge" is basically drinking a gallon of water a day for a period of time. In his case, 30 days. 

So what is the amount of water your body actually needs everyday? According to this blog:

Your weight in kg divided by 0.024 = how many millilitres of water your body requires each day.

Let's say a person weigh at 50 kg, divided by 0.024 = 2083ml ~ 2 liters water requires per day.

Although he is not the first who did this challenge which has been going on around for awhile, his pictures of him carrying the big water jug is indeed very "eye-catching". He carries it to take the train, to his office and even to his bed! 

Picture: Guy hugging water jug to bed

If you are wondering, 1 gallon = 3.78541 liters.

And if you google: Water Gallon Challenge, it shows pics of these jugs *salute*

Water Gallion Challenge |

Picture: Ways to encourage you to drink more water

*Good News*

You don't need to carry these big jugs around for the challenge anymore!

The big dumb jug; at least that's what the guy Wil called it, is recommended to be replaced with an outdoor portable and lightweight water bag.

Stay Hydrated in style, switch:

                  to Ortlieb Water Bag, Blue, 4L | +Ortlieb Water Bag Drinking Tube |

Picture: Switching big water jug to Ortlieb's 4L Water Bag with Drinking Tube

Place these combo into your backpack and you'll be sipping aqua anytime anywhere! Even when you're on a bike! ?

Stay In-Style and Hydrated! 


Kathy @KakiOutdoor

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